Hook Retrofit

A cost-effective and universal LRRS fit to most types of lifeboat.

Amendments carried by IMO regulations to SOLAS Chapter III and the LSA Code, ship owners/ builders to replace their old system with new LRRS (Lifeboat Release and Retrieval System) not later than the next scheduled dry-docking after 1 July 2014, but no later than 1 July 2019.

To fulfil and facilitate our customers with the latest IMO regulations, Vanguard has developed the 'Csafe' Hook which provides maximum safety and quality for most types of lifeboat. We operate a worldwide service to carry out comprehensive Hook Retrofit Services for all our customers globally.

Let Vanguard ensure you a smooth planning and installation of your current LRRS.

Our Services:

  • Dedicated project manager to overlook the whole retrofit project
  • Planning and evaluating the solutions
  • Managing the overhaul examination with final report issued
  • Hook retrofit / modification program includes lifeboat measurement & calculation, fibreglass / boat modification, keel shoes and hook installation
  • Performance testing



Customer Service

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