Lifeboat Release & Retrieve System

Unsafe lifeboat release and retrieval system (LRRS) has led to several accidental in the past. Vanguard Lifeboat has offered wide range of hook release system which compliance with the latest IMO regulations to suit all types of lifeboat and rescue boat to make sure seafarers are "SAFE AT SEA".

In May 2011, the IMO adopted amendments to SOLAS Chapter III and the LSA Code, as well as related Guidelines to all manufacturers, ship owners/ builders to replace their old system with new LRRS (Lifeboat Release and Retrieval System) not later than the next scheduled drydocking after 1 July 2014, but no later than 1 July 2019.

To fulfil the latest IMO regulations, Vanguard has developed a 'Csafe' Hook which performs maximum safety and quality for most types of lifeboat. We operate a global service network by collaborating with authorized service agents to carry out a comprehensive Hook Retrofit Service to all our customers worldwide. The hook modification includes managing the overhaul examination with final report issued; planning and liaising with the OEMs; lifeboat measurement and calculation; fibreglass/ boat modification; keel shoes and hook installation; performance testing.

"Csafe Hook" key features:

  • 3.5tons, 5 tons, 8.5 tons, 10 tons and 14 tons available
  • Assembled with waterproof cable
  • Retrofitted to most makes of lifeboat
  • User-friendly operating system
  • Constructed with stainless steel and corrosion resistant material
  • 'Fail Safe' Design to counter all climates and conditions

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