Vanguard Lifeboat, one of the world's most trusted lifeboat manufacturers. We design, manufacture, and supply lifeboat, fast rescue/ rescue boat, hyperbaric lifeboat, integrated davit systems, lifeboat release and retrieval system and a host of other safety equipment onboard.

With more than 30 years of history, we uphold our beliefs to lead us to the success. We believe an organization is only as strong as its people are. Therefore, we ensure all are men are experienced and skilled to carry out projects onboard. At the same time, we try our best to provide effective yet cost efficient safety solutions for customers globally.

Safety without compromise

We believe people at sea are only as safe as the equipment they operate. We listen and learn from the seafarers and customers over the years of what they expect and deserve. A team of well-trained engineers and a skill of maintaining high quality products are at the heart of Vanguard.

Design to its functionality

Our R&D team has constantly innovate and improve the product to adapt the changing market while making sure the product is at the best functionality and cost efficiency.

Lifetime customer support

With Vanguard's global service stations customers can easily find us at any time. We offer comprehensive solutions that meet customer's unique needs throughout the whole product lifetime.

Customer Service

shantanu@vanguardlifeboat.com    ian@vanguardlifeboat.com    (65) 6887 5034 (24hours)