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Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

Each lifeboat is built & tested to ensure that our seamen's lives are protected at all times.



Fast Rescue Boat

Vanguard Rescue Boats give you that additional few seconds, ensuring you are never too late.





Hyperbaric Lifeboat

Perfect solution for divers who need to maintain atmospheric pressure during a rescue.


Hook Release System

Vanguard's 'Cscfe' Hook comply with the latest LSA and IMO regulations.


Fall Prevention Device

Vanguaard Fall Prevention Devices provide addtional safety to lifeboats.



Accessories - Cjewel

Cjewel increases night time visability.



Vanguard Fall Prevention Device

Fibre Strop


Vanguard Fall Prevention Device (Fibre Strops), serve as additional safety precaution onboard lifeboats using hook release systems without integrated Fall Prevention Devices.


Vanguard Fall Prevention Devices (Fibre Strops), have been developed after intensive research and development. Meeting the guidelines set in MSC 1392, the fibre strops are an ideal and cost-effective additional safety measure.

Tested and witnessed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), the fibre strop is a plug & play device that can be fitted onto any make of lifeboat.

Vanguard also custom makes these fibre strops to the requirements of ship owners and managers.


The fibre strops have the following characteristics, fulfilling the guidelines set in MSC 1392:-

  • Rot-Proof
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Unduly affected by seawater
  • Oil Resistant
  • Fungal Resistant
  • UV Resistant


Vanguard has taken the initiative to further develop the fibre strop and has came up with a reflective jacket that serves as an extra protection against weather elements and for added visibility.


The technical specifications of the fibre strop are as follows:-



0.7m with thimbles spliced at both ends

Safe working load

6.5 tons

Max breaking load

39 tons (based on a safety factor of 6)


For your reading...


Below, is a presentation on the Vanguard Fall Prevention Devices for you reading pleasure.


Included inside are articles from 3rd parties on the usage of fall prevention devices and the MSC 1392 guidelines for your reading.